research in Energy Field entitled “ Microbial Fuel Cell “ from undergraduate student called Abdullah Emad in the third year of physics department – faculty of science “ 7/10/2013 “

research in industry field entitled “parameters affecting production of high carbon ferromanganese “From Mohamed Salah fahim who got master in this research. “14/10/2013”

research title “ Magnetic Merger “ from undergraduate student called Hossam Hossny Mohamed 28/10/2013

research in solar cells from students of faculty of Engineering.

High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Device

High frequency chest wall oscillation device (HFCWO) is an airway clearance device, consisting of an inflatable vest connected by tubes to a small air-pulse generator.

High frequency chest wall oscillation (HFCWO) is used in the treatment of cystic fibrosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) for airway mucus clearance as it helps the patient to get rid of mucus inside the lungs that causes shortness of breath .In this device, We provide an innovated electronic system mechanism is expected to work accurately & it’s costs about 5000 L.E .

اسم الباحث الرئيسى : مروة محمد سيد عبد العال  – كلية الهندسة – قسم هندسة طبية

Home Clinical Center

Obesity is one of the most common medical conditions in the eastern communities and most difficult of our therapeutic. It is noticeable that women are the most prone to obesity and related diseases. Hence arose the idea of our project, it is a new idea, as it is not limited to physical therapy only, but it is also used in slimming and weight loss in a way that makes it easier for the patient to use without the need for medical assistance. The project is built on the use of ultrasound physiotherapy.

الباحث الرئىسى   :  رنا حسام الدين امام احمد    – كلية الهندسة – قسم هندسة طبية

جهاز كشف الغش بالموبايل

Detection for cheating by mobile By sensing the produced mobile vibration

الباحث الرئيسى    :    ياسمين محمد امام  – كلية العلوم – قسم فيزياء  

سيارة مؤهلة للسير على جميع الطرق

كلية الهندسة بحلوان  قسم ميكانيكا

Design and manufacture of an Egyptian car has , the ability of overcome all paved and non-paved road conditions

اسم الباحث الرئيسى   :ا.د.  احمد ابو اليزيد عبد الحميد

حل متكامل بغرض انتاج وقود حيوى و بديل البترول بالاافة الى كهرباء

كلية الهندسة بحلوان

Conversion the biomass into biogas, then conversion the biogas to electricity, active coal and biodiesel using a catalyst, is an old process. The new trend in this process is the using of generators exhaust gases to produce that products with exhaustless technology. Conversion of the agricultural biomass to alternative petroleum oil (HMF) that is used for producing bio-benzene, paints and other industries with 100% Egyptian technology.

اسم الباحث الرئيسى  :    شريف احمد احمد الشقرى